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Building a House

Building CORE Home
and Ranch

Having a physical location to provide safety, services, and support is our longterm goal, but we know in the meantime, we have the ability to serve, support, and assist individuals in a multitude of ways, as we work toward bringing 

this larger vision to fruition.

Ultimately, we want to build or purchase a property where we will be able to offer on-site support, community, trauma-informed education and prevention services, equine therapy, other services, programs, and trainings.


Learn more about the vision for the CORE Home and Ranch..



FLEX (Funding Lived Experiences) is designed to support individuals who have experienced abuse and/or exploitation, through timely financial assistance to facilitate 

healing, and self-sufficiency.

Click here to donate to FLEX


Fostering Resiliency

This is our first major grant-funded initiative, based on prevention of trafficking and exploitation of girls, through a multi-faceted public health model. This Initiative includes programming geared toward the community, youth, and parents, and also enables us to provide Training and Technical Assistance to other agencies and organizations looking to expand or implement services and intake/screening encompassing individuals who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing exploitation. Because of the scale of Fostering Resiliency, we've placed it on its own website. Tap Here

to learn more. (coming soon)


A word from our founder and president AJ Arias

I founded Applejack’s Ranch back in January of 2020 because of the heartbreak I felt when I learned about sex trafficking and how prevelant it is on all levels of society. As a mother of four children, I was horrified to learn this type of sexual slavery existed right here in Arizona, in our own backyard. 

Over the last two years, we have cultivated a wonderful core team and have laid the foundation for this organization.

Our Executive Director, Savannah Sanders, is a speaker and author on sex-trafficking prevention with vast experience working with and supporting survivors, as well as creating and implementing trauma-informed curriculums for both primary caregivers and social workers. Savannah also has lived experience, as she herself is a trafficking survivor.

In addition to the services and resources outlined on our Services and Resources page, we are also looking to fund a youth drop-in and community support center (hence, Applejack's Ranch/CORE Home) here in the Camp Verde/Cottonwood areas which will incorporate community, crisis assistance, equine therapy, and support for at-risk or trafficked youth, in a safe, loving environment.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about and support our organization!

AJ Arias


First Fellowship

One year can make a difference, breaking generational cycles of poverty and abuse. After leaving shelter services or dangerous situations, individuals are at risk of returning to compromised environments due to struggles with housing and resources. Our First Fellowship is a survivor sponsorship that enables participants to experience so many of the "firsts" that we often take for granted. Graduating high school or college, getting a job, moving into an apartment, owning a car, and so much more! The First Fellowship provides support, emergency funds, wrap-around services, and mentorship, as well as career/education development to foster healing, and self-efficacy. 

Image by Sincerely Media

Fostering Resiliancy

This program is designed to support youth in the foster system through mentorship, one on one guidance, and small group community. 


Fostering Resiliency also aims to assist foster parents and caregivers through training and guidance which includes; equipping primary caregivers with psychoeducation, and mentorship to navigate parenting youth with histories of trauma, who have experienced trafficking, or are at risk.

Providing a safe, supportive home, loving community, and trauma-informed caregiving drastically improves the longterm outcome for youth in the foster system.

Image by Luca M

Equine Therapy

Healing comes in many forms, and can vary vastly from one point in the transformational journey, to another. We believe in the healing power of community, but also acknowledge the multi-faceted benefits that come from the unique experience of equine therapy. Currently, AJR facilitates referrals to equine therapy organizations in Northern Arizona, for our clients.

For more information see our

Equine Therapy page. 

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