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Equine Therapy

While it is our longterm goal to build a physical location for Applejacks's Ranch where we can provide our own on-site equine and experiential healing services, we are currently working with Equine Therapy organizations in Northern Arizona, to provide this service for many of the individuals/youth we work with.

Working together with these organizations, we are able to provide referrals, equipment, and scholarships to these programs through the generosity of our donors and local organizations. 

There is such a unique form of healing, trust, and growth that is cultivated through equine therapy and therapy animals.

If you would like to sponsor a survivor through our FLEX Fund, please head over to our Donation page or scroll down.

If you would like to learn more about our equine therapy referrals and scholarships, please contact us!

Image by Adam Gman

Donate to our FLEX Fund

Donating to our FLEX Fund enables us to sponsor survivors and at-risk youth, and aid with the logistics of supplemental therapies and organic experiences like equine therapy.

These experiences and therapies are made possible solely through the donations of our partners and sponsors, and we are incredibly grateful to offer these services and provide support and opportunities for an individual's growth and healing journey!

Horse Stall Portrait

Referrals and Scholarships

If you are someone you know have experienced trafficking, exploitation, or abuse, and are interested in a referral to equine therapy as part of your healing journey, or possibly receiving a scholarship for this service, please message us!

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