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Fostering Resiliency Initiative

Fostering Resiliency (FR) is a newly developed trafficking prevention program specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced by girls in the rural areas of Yavapai County. Recognizing the heightened vulnerability of these girls due to limited access to resources, support systems, and diverse employment opportunities, Fostering Resiliency takes a compassionate and comprehensive approach to mitigate these risks.


Implemented by Applejack's Ranch, and funded by a grant through OVC (OVC FY 2023 Preventing Trafficking of Girls Program Sites and Training and Technical Assistance) the program leans on strong community partnerships to provide essential community and prevention services.


The FR initiative breaks the cycle of silence and isolation by offering thoughtfully designed classes and interventions. By acknowledging the economic hardships and geographical barriers faced by these girls, Fostering Resiliency strives to equip them, and their families, with the necessary tools to navigate their challenges and prevent future victimization..

Our hope is to expand this Initiative and the Fostering Resiliency programming to Maricopa County and beyond. 

Image by Felix Mittermeier

To learn more about Fostering Resiliency, please contact us directly

Press Release:

Applejack's Ranch Awarded Major Grant to Prevent Human Trafficking in Yavapai County

[Cottonwood, Arizona] – It is with immense privilege and excitement that I, AJ Arias, on behalf of Applejack's Ranch (AJR), announce our recent achievement – the OVC FY 2023 Preventing Trafficking of Girls Program Sites and Training and Technical Assistance Grant. This grant, which is awarded to our nonprofit organization, Applejack's Ranch, will enable us to continue our mission of preventing trafficking and exploitation of girls in Yavapai County through our innovative program, "Fostering Resiliency."

This grant represents a significant milestone in our journey towards ensuring the safety and well-being of girls who are at an increased risk of trafficking or have already experienced this trauma. Since its inception, AJR has been committed to creating a world where every youth is given the opportunity to thrive. With the support of this grant, we will be able to expand our efforts and make an even more profound impact.



The "Fostering Resiliency" program, made possible by this generous grant, will operate in close collaboration with numerous Yavapai County organizations. Our comprehensive approach will include:

  • Parent Engagement and Support: We will provide essential classes to parents and caregivers of girls involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, and experiencing other risk factors that can lead to trafficking and exploitation.

  • Youth Services: Our program offers young girls and teens spaces and relationships that foster connection and build resiliency.

  • Resources: We will ensure that girls in need have access to essential resources and educational opportunities, enabling them to make safe and informed choices.

  • Community Trainings: We will collaborate with various community organizations to create a network of support, ensuring that girls in Yavapai County have access to a wide range of services to meet their unique needs.


Applejack's Ranch believes in the power of community, and it is through the collective efforts of our partners and supporters that we can make a lasting difference. We extend our deepest gratitude to the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) for their trust and support in our mission. This grant is a testament to their commitment to combating human trafficking and exploitation, and we are honored to be chosen as recipients. We would also like to thank the local Yavapai County organizations who recommended us for this grant.


As we embark on this new phase of our journey, we invite the community, stakeholders, and all those who share our vision to join us in this critical endeavor. Together, we can create a safer and more resilient future for the girls of Yavapai County.


For more information about Applejack's Ranch and the "Fostering Resiliency" program, please visit our website at For media inquiries or to learn how you can support our mission, please contact Executive Director, Savannah Sanders.


About Applejack's Ranch:

Applejack's Ranch is a survivor-led nonprofit organization based in Arizona dedicated to cultivating a community of healing and connection.


Media Contact:

Savannah Sanders

Executive Director

Applejack’s Ranch

Phone: 928-612-8866



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