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Services and Resources


Funding Lived Experiences


We understand emergencies and needs can be unique based on an individual's journey. In addition to matching our clients with local, state, and national resources, we are also able to utilize our FLEX fund for assistance with unique circumstances that may arise, or when other resources are unavailable. 


FLEX may be used for things such as emergency transportation, vehicle repair, doctor appointments, child care, personal necessities, and more. It's designed to support individuals where they're at, and fill the gap when other assistance may not be available or timely. 


This may also include access to self-care services/items and therapy that isn't covered by insurance, an experience that supports and facilitates healing and connection, or even lunch with a mentor. We recognize healing looks different for everyone and we are committed to putting survivors at the helm of their own process.

Equine Therapy



We believe in the power of experiential therapies coupled with mentorships, education, and support. Equine Therapy is a wonderful modality to provide healing, and to cultivate growth and trust. Through the generosity of our donors and sponsors, we are excited to be able to offer scholarships and program referrals to Equine Therapy providers in the Northern AZ area.

Foster care Support and Services


Fostering Resiliancy

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Youth involved in foster care in any capacity are some of the highest at risk for exploitation and experiencing trafficking. AJR is committed to supporting the community through the two core components of our Fostering Resiliency Program: 

Supporting Caregivers:

This program is designed to support parents and caregivers by providing training and guidance for parents and foster parents. This includes equipping primary caregivers with psychoeducation and mentorship to navigate parenting youth with histories of trauma, who have experienced trafficking, or are at risk.

Supporting Youth

Providing education and support programs, providing one on one mentoring and small groups for youth in foster care or who have previously been in care, as well as working directly with youth involved in foster care by providing resources and services that aim to prevent trafficking from happening.

First Fellowship


The First Fellowship really encapsulates the heart of AJR, and our ultimate goal, which is helping individuals who have experienced abuse and trafficking, to take control of their own healing journey, and start down the path to self-efficacy and self-sustainability, on their terms.


After leaving shelter services or dangerous situations, individuals are at risk of returning to compromised environments due to struggles with housing and resources.


Our First Fellowship is a survivor sponsorship that enables participants to experience so many of the "firsts" that we often take for granted. Graduating high school or college, getting a job, moving into an apartment, owning a car, and so much more!


The First Fellowship provides support, emergency funds, wrap-around services, and mentorship, as well as career/education development to foster healing, and self-efficacy. 

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